Asia Airport Hotel Bangkok Thailand

One of the most luxurious hotels that is close to the Don Muang Airport in Bangkok is the Asia Airport Hotel Bangkok Thailand. This luxury airport hotel offers the business traveler everything that he or she needs when visiting this exotic, Eastern city, even if only for a short while.

The hotel is large and very modern and has comfortable rooms as well as all modern amenities. In addition to the first class rooms and suites, there is also fine dining and leisure activities abound. When your business, you will have plenty of opportunities to entertain yourself when staying at this luxury airport hotel.

Among the amenities offered in the Asia Airport Hotel Bangkok Thailand is full service spa service that offers traditional Thai body massage as well as foot massage. Traditional Thai massage is one of the most pampering of all massage treatments and there is no place like Thailand to get the real thing. You can also get a foot massage as well as other spa services in the hotel.

In addition to the spa, there is also a large, free form pool and full scale fitness facilities featuring state of the art equipment. The fitness center also offers table tennis and snooker.

Entertainment includes a video and music room as well as a bowling center. Within the lower complex of this large hotel are several restaurants that offer a variety of cuisine including traditional Thai food. If this is your first visit to Thailand, you owe it to yourself to taste the traditional Thai cuisine which is a fusion between Chinese cuisine and Indian food.

The Asia Airport Hotel Bangkok Thailand is one of the premier hotels that is in close proximity to the airport. You have everything under one roof to enjoy your brief stay in Thailand. Chances are, that once you experience the hospitality and friendly service of the Thai people, as well as sample some of the delicious cuisine, you will want to come back. One night in Bangkok and you will not be surprised that this area is so very well coveted by travelers world wide.

When visiting the Asia Airport Hotel Bangkok Thailand, make sure that you do some shopping and get some bargains in the complex located in the lower floors. The dollar and Euro go far in this part of the world and even at the airport hotel, you may be able to get some real bargains.

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