Exploring Bangkok Markets Scene

Shopping at Bangkok markets any time of the day. Your market experience is promising to be great, if you love a bit of adventure, are ready to explore new things, and want to master your bargaining skills. Thai capital truly abounds in markets of all sorts worth exploring even if you are not an avid shopper. Apart from everything under the sun being sold at incredibly low prices, any market in Bangkok will gives you an opportunity to see a variety of local lifestyles, taste many traditional dishes you can rarely be served in a hotel, and simply feel and understand Thai culture better.

Popular Bangkok markets

Chatuchak Weekend Market, (also Jatujak, or J.J.), conveniently located near the intersection of Bangkok skytrain / BTS and MRT lines, is often referred to as the Mother of All Markets. It is the largest and cheapest market in Bangkok and one of the largest in the world as well. A vast area with over 15,000 stalls, selling virtually anything you can think of, – legally as well as illegally – is practically impossible to cover in one day, but if you are lucky not to get lost and walk the same circle again and again, you can see enough to get a long-lasting impression and a few fantastic bargains. Food and drinks are sold all the way, and foot massage parlors are also available within the market area.

Another huge and cheap market in Bangkok is Pratunam Market. Open 24 hours a day, it caters to both locals (mainly, in the day time) and tourists (the stalls open later in the evening). The market is popular for the vast selection of clothes and fabrics at wholesale prices as well as usual handicraft items targeted at tourists. During weekends it can become quite hectic and crowded, but luckily, there are plenty of air-con big and small shops to cool down and decide whether you are ready to go on.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar adjacent to Lumpini Park opens late in the afternoon and offers a more sophisticated and comfortable shopping experience with the selection of goods pretty much resembling that of Chatuchak Market. And though the prices are a way higher than in J.J or Pratunam, Suan Lum is worth visiting for its unique ambience and fun dining accompanied by live entertainment.

For a variety of authentic Indian and Chinese goods, including some valuable collectibles, visit Pahurat Indian Market and the adjacent Chinatown in the old part of the city. Also called "Little India", Pahurat is a bit difficult to reach, but is totally worth visiting if you love all things Indian, including colorful fabrics and mouthwatering cuisine. Both Pahurat and Chinatown are places where it is acceptable to bargain hard (don't worry, for the seller it is fun, too!) – as a reward, you can get some of the cheapest deals around.

You can expect to save a lot of money when you shop at Bangkok markets vs. Bangkok shopping center.

Floating Bangkok markets

In many minds, a typical Thai market is strongly associated with a floating market. There are quite a few floating markets in the close proximity to Bangkok Thailand, but unfortunately, most of them have lost their authentic feel, aggressively targeting tourists instead. Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market is rather small, but perhaps the most original Bangkok market of this kind with well-preserved authenticity.

There are so many Bangkok markets for you to choose from, you won't be disappointed.

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