Diversity of Bangkok Restaurants

Bangkok restaurants are as diverse as its numerous visitors. The capital city of Thailand is the place where the world's best cuisines are brought together and presented in a friendly, ever-welcoming way. Apart from traditional Thai fare, you can find both Western and Asian restaurants as well as some amazing fusion places.

Numerous Bangkok restaurants are ideal to broaden your culinary experience without burning your pocket. In most places, the food is reasonably priced, though generally costlier than what is found in food courts and on the streets. Non-Asian cuisine is usually more expensive (especially prepared by native chefs), but not always up to the standard. Therefore, while visiting Bangkok Thailand, take a chance to explore the amazing variety of Oriental fare at its best.

Thai cuisine alone has many styles – traditional, Royal, contemporary, South (Muslim) Thai to name just a few. Add to this various Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Arabian, and Korean restaurants. Or what about trying something as exotic as Mongolian? Probably, you will never have a chance to try most of these back home, so why head for your ordinary fast-food joint? It is truly a puzzle to see tourists flocking towards McDonald's, whereas healthier and tastier options abound elsewhere.

Exploring Bangkok restaurants has a lot to do with your readiness to open up your mind and try the unknown. Practically, every menu has a short description of the dish in English in case you have little idea about the cuisine you are about to try. All restaurants in popular tourist areas have English speaking staff ready to help you make a choice.

If you travel with little kids, you will be delighted to know that most restaurants in Bangkok , as well as restaurants across the whole country, are child-friendly. Special kids' menu is also available with quite a few establishments. Of course, very formal dining may not be a good option, but luckily, there are plenty of casual and cozy restaurants, where children are welcome and the patient staff is ready to assist you in every possible way.

If you crave for more than just delicious food and good service, visit places featuring live performance. There are a few excellent Thai restaurants on the riverside, where they perform traditional Thai music and drama during dinner time. For the most romantic dining experience, go for a night river cruise. A vast selection of best Thai dishes, impeccable service, live music, dance floor, and beautifully illuminated temples contrasting with the night sky create a magical experience hardly any of Bangkok restaurants can repeat. Advance booking is required if you plan the cruise on St. Valentine's Day.

If you have been in Bangkok Thailand for quite some time to start getting homesick, American, Italian, German and French restaurants can be easily found in most tourist areas. There are also a few Mediterranean, Mexican, British, and mixed international options, which may or may not be really authentic. One more good way to tease your taste buds is to visit one of Bangkok restaurants offering exciting and off-beat fusion cuisine.

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