Take Your CELTA in Thailand

If you have decided to commit to a CELTA course, then the next question is where to take it. Given that this course is now run in 54 countries, a growing trend for many candidates is to obtain their qualification aboard, or in the country they wish to teach. This gives the added advantage of being trained alongside students of the same nationality and culture, a definite advantage in getting a job.

Many CELTA course providers will favor their own graduates when it comes to filling vacancies and a CELTA graduate is more marketable to a school director, having already had experience with that country’s particular students.

Thailand has become a popular destination for TEFL course trainees for three main reasons:

  1. It is a great vacation destination and very cheap. It is possible to combine an exotic holiday and to study at the same time, given the low cost of living and prices of accommodation.
  2. Trainees wish to stay in Thailand after graduation in order to find work. Training in Thailand gives you invaluable preparation for this as your teaching practice is done with Thai learners.
  3. For work in other parts of Asia, taking your CELTA provides a stepping-stone to other destinations. It shows a prospective employer that you have already had some experience in teaching Asian students and have demonstrated a little understanding of how an Asian tonal language works.

Cost of a CELTA Course

Whether you intend vacationing or living here, taking your CELTA in Thailand makes a lot of economic sense. The course is cheaper, at $1500, than the UK for example ($2000), saving $500 dollars (16,000 Baht) which will easily pay for your accommodation for the month.

All the major course providers give an overview of accommodation prices on their websites. 16,000 Baht per month will get you a decent studio apartment within walking distance of your course provider or the metro (MRT) or Bangkok skytrain.

Food and drink is extremely cheap as the Thais’ main pastime is eating. You can find food anytime, anywhere, at ridiculously low prices. A can of beer is around 30 Baht ($1) and bread is 25 Baht. A Thai meal from a market stall or typical local Thai restaurant will cost you around $2-$4.

CELTA Courses in Bangkok

The main course providers in Bangkok are ECC, Elite and the recent addition to the CELTA fold, International House. See Thailand TEFL courses in Bangkok. Other courses are available throughout Thailand.

Commitment to a CELTA Course

The course is very demanding and is not an easy option. It is four weeks of intensive training with written assignments and teaching practice (at two different English levels) and around the half-way point, it can become a bit of a bumpy ride. Do not commit unless you are determined to see it through.

This is the reason why the CELTA is so respected; it is hard work, but great training and preparation for the EFL classroom. Looking back after completion of your course you will realize that taking the CELTA has been one of the most worthwhile experiences of your life.

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