Central World Plaza
Shopping the Modern Way

Central World Plaza, formerly known as the World Trade Center, is an official largest shopping complex in Southeast Asia. Before, this title belonged to the swanky Siam Paragon Shopping Center, but after the major renovation and expansion in 2006, a new 550,000 square meters giant appeared on Bangkok's shopping scene. Shortly renamed as Central World, the mall is an embodiment of glamour and ultimate modern lifestyle.

Central World Plaza has over 500 shops, 50 restaurants and plenty of entertainment venues. Thanks to its size, it has plenty of space no matter how many people happen to be there at one time. The center is divided into six main shopping zones, all interconnected with each other, and even a system of traffic circulation is developed. The concept of a "shopping street" was applied in order to make it easier for the customers to overview all zones without disorientation.

More than 100 escalators and glass elevators help in preventing people from clustering. Also, a lot of effort has clearly been put in to create a slick and sophisticated design, certainly adding to the "wow" factor of the mall. Famous interior designers and artists contributed to the present unique appearance of Central World.

Shoppers, who are looking for genuine world-class brands, will find most of them in Central World. From fashion clothing to sports goods and electronics, the famous mall has all the cream of quality goods. The boutiques vary from the most upscale names to quite affordable, catering to an average customer. Highly popular Zen and Isetan stores are located here as well.

Essentially, Central World Plaza is not only about shopping. It is a popular venue for both families and singles, especially on weekends and public holidays, as the area transforms into a major entertainment zone with various shows and events taking place inside as well as outside the center. Two huge LED screens, perhaps, the biggest in Southeast Asia, are installed in the Central World Square and are used to broadcast major events.

Central World Plaza also features 21 fine cinema halls with some exclusive screenings that are not available anywhere else, a bowling hall, Learning Center and Kids' Zone. It also has two department stores and one of the largest in entire Asia supermarkets, which has all kinds of products for homesick expatriates. Its voguish food court has some of signature dishes, rarely, if ever, served in other food courts. The 19 open kitchens are where numerous Thai and fusion delicacies are prepared from the freshest ingredients. Some of the seating places provide an excellent city view.

When you are in Bangkok Thailand , make sure you don't skip this wonderful shopping complex. It may not be as cheap as MBK, but it does offer a good ratio between quality and price. Even if you don't intend to buy anything, it is a fabulous place just to walk around or sit with a cup of coffee watching uninterrupted streams of people passing by. Discover an exciting new experience shopping can be with Central World Plaza !

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