Multi-Faced Life in Bangkok

Life in Bangkok is vibrant and diverse. It is ever-changing yet stable. It can be hectic, but can be very relaxed, too. It is pretty cheap compared to many other world capital cities, yet you may end up with empty pockets sooner than you expected. It is an incredible mixture of modern and traditional, glamorous and plain, pure and sinful.

Of course, most tourists, who come to Thailand for a short visit, don't get to see much of the real life in Bangkok. They choose the same route and the same "touristy" places billions of visitors have gone before. Few outsiders dare to go off-beat path, but then, it is all about a personal choice, love for adventure, and expectations from your stay.

First-timers, coming to Bangkok Thailand , are often left with the impression that the city's festive feel is never-ending. It is like partying and bathing in all carnal pleasures 24/7. Colorful, glamorous and cheerful, the city is always glad to cater to your wishes, be it addictive shopping, exquisite dining or unlimited nightlife options. But this image of Bangkok is only a part of the city's lifestyle, and you realize it clearer with each passing day.

Life in Bangkok is pretty much similar to any other metropolitan city. Weekday mornings are full of normal office rush, while weekends and holidays leave the city comparatively empty, as people tend to go out to the neighboring provinces and nearby beaches of Chaam and Hua Hin. In the late afternoon, big shopping malls and areas around them (Siam Square, MBK , etc) start filling up with school and college kids, making them favorite hang-out spots. Religious holidays see crowds of people heading for temples, and colorful processions along the streets.

Foreigners, who stay in the city for months and even years, tend to adopt much of the traditional local lifestyle. Simple and inexpensive, it teaches how to appreciate little things in life and enjoy staying in a different environment. Many people fall in love with Thai culture, and genuine hospitality and tolerance of locals. It is not uncommon to see married Thai-farang couples as well.

All in all, life in Bangkok is very comfortable and satisfying even if your income is below average according to the Western standard. If you are on a restricted budget, there are plenty of cheap accommodation options, with Thai-style apartment rents starting as low as 3,000 Baht/month. Roadside food stalls are also cheap and have good quality food available any time. For cheap transportation, there are numerous ordinary and air-conditioned buses, and a way more expensive, but faster subway and Bangkok skytrain systems. Another cheap alternative is to buy a second-hand bike, which will cost between 100 and 150 USD in most cases.

Whether you came to Bangkok for a vacation or work, one thing you can be assured in – you will never get bored here, as there is so much to explore. Forget about what you have heard, get rid of stereotypes, and re-discover life in Bangkok your own way!

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