Lumpini Park - A Green Sanctuary
In the Heart of Bangkok

Bangkok Lumpini Park , named after the birthplace of Buddha, is one of the largest and arguably most beautiful parks in the city. Located right in the center, it is easily available via both MRT and BTS / Bangkok skytrain , and is in the list of attractions with most tourists coming to Bangkok Thailand. In case you regard visiting a park as a boring experience, you may change your opinion after seeing what Lumpini has to offer.

Established in 1920 by King Rama VI, 140-acre Lumpini Park is much more than just a collection of exotic flora and fauna. It is an amazing place to relax and watch a variety of crowd passing by, or take one of the many fitness opportunities the park offers. From jogging, cycling and aerobics to Chinese T'ai Chi, there are plenty of activities one can enjoy.

Quite remarkable is an open-space weight-lifting facility, available for an unbelievably low monthly fee. If sweating for six-pack abs is not your cup of tea, watching some great muscle bodies pumping the iron may be quite a fascinating activity. Paddle boats are also available for rent and let visitors view the lush green surroundings contrasting with sleek skyscrapers from the two artificial lakes located in the center of the park.

On weekend afternoons, areas close to the lake are occupied by singles, couples, and families resting on the mats – either rented for a few baht or brought from home. One of the favorite pastimes of Thais of all ages is to feed pigeons and catfish; the lake waters are also home to turtles and huge monitor lizards, not really bothered about the people around.

The territory of the park is clean and well-maintained, with plenty of places to sit in the shadow and relax. A number of interesting landmarks, both Oriental and Western, add to the unique beauty of Lumpini Park. You can see the statue if the park's founder, King Rama VI, at the southwestern entrance. The park also houses the oldest public library in the city as well as a dance hall. Sundays in the winter season are always packed with activities, featuring free performances by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and other Thai bands.

If you plan to have a small picnic in the park (no fire is allowed!), bring the food from outside. There are no food stalls within the park, but occasionally you can spot water and soft drink sellers. There are also vendors selling snake blood, which is considered to be an ancient Chinese health booster.

Visiting Lumpini Park, you just can't skip Suan Lum Night Bazaar on the opposite side – an awesome combination of traditional and modern shopping, offering a wide selection of local and imported goods – from clothing to home décor items. The place is also a popular dining and entertainment spot, and is lively till late in the night.

Lumpini Park is also conveniently close to Siam and Silom areas with their bustling nightlife and numerous shopping malls, including such all-time favorites as MBK and Siam Paragon shopping centers.

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