MBK Center
Mecca for Shoppers

MBK (or Mahboonkrong) – is one of the largest and oldest shopping centers in Bangkok Thailand. At the time of its foundation, in 1985, it was one of the biggest shopping malls in Asia. In spite of the harsh competition from other numerous shopping centers and department stores of Bangkok, Mahboonkrong maintains #1 position with both foreign and local customers.

A notable eight-storey bluish building of MBK Center is the landmark of the Pathum Wan district. The mall is connected with other large shopping centers and department stores by a pedestrian sky path that is also linked to a few Bangkok skytrain stations. "National Stadium" is the station that leads directly to the Tokyu department store located in the northern part of Mahboonkrong.

With the total number of stores estimated at 2,500, MBK is the Mecca for shoppers. You will never find it empty, as even during weekdays and office hours the mall is full of people, mainly tourists attracted by some of the best bargains in town. At weekends, the famous shopping center bursts with life and it looks like at least half of Bangkok is present here.

In spite of becoming crowded at times, the mall has a special warm and cozy feel many neighboring upscale shopping centers lack. The laid-back atmosphere makes it a favorite hangout spot for local youngsters. The shopping mall is also packed with over 150 restaurants and coffee shops, so you can take a break from shopping any time, relax with your favorite cuppa and watch literally the entire globe passing by.

In a unique and incredible way, MBK combines a great range of products and prices. The mall has it all: from the budget market shopping to that of the upscale level. It is the place where genuine brand names are sold side-by-side with their knock-offs.

Many small shops allow bargaining; though don't expect to get a big discount in most cases. The mall is a popular place to buy small electronic items, both new and used (cell phones, in particular), fashion clothing, footwear and accessories, handicrafts and silks. A four-storey Tokyu department store holds various sales on brand names at all times and offers special discounts and premiums for tourists.

Apart from smaller eating establishments, Mahboonkrong's renowned food court on the fifth floor has a huge range of low-priced Thai and Asian fare; the seventh and eighth floors combine entertainment facilities, including eight movie theatres, karaoke and bowling.

Nail and hair salons, massage and beauty parlors, tailor shops, drug stores, bank branches, photo laboratories, design studios, optics, and other facilities are spread all across the eight floors of the building. For the customers' convenience, there is a good system of elevators and escalators, as well as cash machines and currency exchange booths at almost every floor.

If you are visiting Bangkok Thailand soon, plan to spare at least a day for the famous MBK Center, make sure you carry enough cash, and be prepared for an intoxicating and totally enjoyable experience of shopping till you drop!

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