Attractions of Silom

Silom (or Si Lom) Road forms one of the main business and tourist districts in Bangkok Thailand. Huge and sleek glass skyscrapers of financial and business institutions rise along both sides of Silom Road, and some of the most upscale and sophisticated hotels are situated here as well. It is especially preferred by business travelers due to the convenient reach to all major banks and financial companies.

The district may not be filled with entertainment and shopping establishments like the neighboring districts are, but it does have a few attractions to offer; besides, some of the finest shopping malls, restaurants and nightlife venues of Bangkok are within a short trip by Bangkok skytrain or Bangkok subway.

Lumpini Park , one of the biggest and oldest parks of the capital is situated right in the heart of Silom, surrounded with impressive multi-storey buildings which create a striking contrast with the park's greenery and serenity. The park features two artificial lakes, joggers' path, an open gym, and some of the most exotic representatives of Thailand's flora and fauna. It has plenty of shadowed sitting places, and mats for rent are also available.

Across the road there is the renowned Suan Lum Night Bazaar, one of a kind in Bangkok. It is a unique place to shop, dine and enjoy live entertainment by Thai pop-bands. A refreshing combination of basic and sophisticated, inexpensive yet good, the bazaar has been one of the main attractions of Silom district for years. Unfortunately, the area has been sold out, and though the colorful and friendly market is still operating, it is likely to be counting its last days.

Another night attraction of the district is Patpong – a red-light cum market area, catering to more "adult" audience as compared to child-friendly Suan Lum. Patpong claims to be the father of the (in)famous Thailand's go-go culture, with numerous pick-up bars lined both sides of the street. Vendors, selling usual local goods and all kinds of fakes, soften the scene to a certain extent, yet it is not the best place for families, single women and kids.

If you are into cultural sights, these are not plentiful in Silom, but Hua Lamphong Temple and Maha Uma Devi Temple are worth checking out. While the first is a traditional Thai temple, the latter is a Hindu temple, dedicated to the Lord Shiva's consort, Maha Uma Devi in her three avatars – as Durga, Kali and Parvati. Inside, you can see all the main deities of the Hindu pantheon (Ganesha, Shiva, Brahma, Krishna and others) as well as Buddha images who is believed to be Lord Vishnu's avatar.

Silom Village Trade Center located nearby is an attempt to preserve and present Thai culture in its most authentic form. The Village combines shopping, dining and live entertainment – in classic Thai-style and at reasonable prices. There is also a hotel on the territory of the Village. Clearly attracting more foreigners than locals, Silom Village is still a charming and decent place to plunge into a traditional Thai cuisine, art and music.

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