Popular Thai Restaurant Options

Pinpointing the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok Thailand would be difficult, as food and dining are mainly a matter of personal taste. If you love grand ambience or prefer casual atmosphere, fancy tasting the most exotic choices around or are quite happy with common favorites – you will find it all among numerous restaurants in every part of the city. Below are just a few popular options you can consider.

Baan Kanitha Thai Restaurant with branches on Sukhumvit 23 and South Sathorn Road is where your journey to exciting Thai cuisine could start. The restaurant's menu consists of all-time favorites as well as some exotic delicacies cooked in a less spicy way well suitable if you are not yet ready for the hot, chili-stuffed Thai food. Traditional décor adds to the entire soothing ambience. Quite unusually for a Thai restaurant , Baan Kanitha has an excellent wine list.

Conveniently located at Siam Square, Ban Khun Mae serves authentic Thai food in a traditional home style. All signature Thai dishes are included – from Tom Yam Koong to Roasted Duck in Red Curry to Stir Fried Crab Meat, etc. Friendly and inviting atmosphere along with very affordable prices make it a hot favorite with both tourists and locals.

To enjoy some of the best Chao Phraya River views over an extensive menu visit Baan Rim Naam restaurant. Along with traditional Thai fare, expect to see some very exotic food selection and a pleasing wine list. Note that most of the riverside hotels have restaurants overlooking the river, so you don't really have to look hard to find a place for exquisite and romantic dinner.

One of the most popular Bangkok restaurants , Cabbages and Condoms at Sukhumvit 12, must thank its name and the Lonely Planet's feature for its fame. And though dining here definitely provides a unique experience, customer's opinion about food is not unanimous, and it may not be the best place to taste "authentically Thai" fare. Sill, there are plenty of other reasons to visit this worldwide known Thai restaurant .

Highly popular among Thai people, especially families with young children, is MK restaurant chain spread throughout the city. Though the concept of hotpot on the table and boiling the fresh ingredients to have them immediately hasn't originated in Thailand, MK has adopted many of the Thai favorites in its menu and is fun to eat out with friends in a casual environment.

Another much talked about Thai restaurant is Lemongrass opposite the Emporium Shopping Center. Loved by tourists and expat Thais for its relaxing atmosphere and specialty dishes toned down on chilies, the place has been surviving in a harsh competition for many years and maintained its good reputation till date. Though not a cheap option, dining at Lemongrass is usually a good value for money.

On a pricey side, but proud of its posh décor and excellent Royal cuisine, Blue Elephant on South Sathorn Road is the place to go for a special occasion. The old colonial-style building is also home to a cooking school. This elegant Thai restaurant also has branches all over the world.

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